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Vines and Leaves

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   Vines and Leaves
Ensure your grape vines and leaves are healthy and productive

A panel of tests for your vines which includes screening the vines for the production of key phenol and anti-oxidant precursors. We won't simply tell you that the chemicals are in the vine and leaves..we can tell you if the vines and leaves are actively making more with our novel gene expression profiling system.

To ensure great wine requires healthy vines and leaves to shade the grapes. FL Biognostics tests vines and leaves for potential plant damaging agents such as Xylella and Botrytis.

You want to be making wine long into the future, be sure your vines are as healthy as they can be.

Anti-Oxidant Testing     $215.00
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   t-Cinnamic Acid

Antioxidant Biosynthesis Genes     $155.00
 Test Details

Pierce\'s Disease     $65.00
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