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Consulting Services

FL Biognostics is more than a basic wine testing laboratory. Our team of biochemistry and genetics experts is here is help you craft the wine that matches your vision perfectly.

If you are looking to re-create that award winning vintage from last year or are looking to purchase a new vine you will benefit from our expertise.

Imagine you want to re-create that award winning vintage again this year. Our detailed analysis of the biochemical constitutents of your winning wine can be used to direct you in the crafting of this year's winner.

Imagine you want to produce a wine with the highest anti-oxidant content possible are you going to throw your lots and guess which grapes will have the highest starting anti-oxidant and precursor content or will you do some in depth testing to be sure which grapes you should use?

Call us today and begin making YOUR wine now. FL Biognostics offers consultation packages for single batch, varietals, and total winery services.

Call us Toll Free at: 877-BIO-5-LAB (877-246-5522)


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